Cat BnB Guest Information



 Thanks for booking a stay at the Animal Tracks Cat BnB. We can’t wait to be your cat’s hosts!

Please take the time to read this important information for guests at the Cat BnB.

Food, medication, and vaccinations

  • We feed premium dry cat food (Hills Science Diet). If you would like your cat to have wet food options, please bring that with you for your cats stay, as it’s not something we offer in the daily package prices. 
  • Yes, the Cat BnB stands for Bed and Breakfast….but don’t worry, they also get dinner!
  • If your cat requires medication while in boarding, that’s no problem, but there are extra daily fees. If you haven’t already, please advise us what medication and how often and we will include this in our estimate.
  • For safety reasons, your cat must be up to date with vaccinations and must be desexed (6 months and older) before confirming your booking. Please get in touch if there is an issue with this.

Check in and check out

  • Check in is between 2pm – 6pm Monday to Friday. 
  • Check out is between 8am – 12pm Monday to Friday.  
  • Check in and check out on Saturdays are both between 9.30am-12.30pm.
  • Admission and discharges can be organised on request outside of these hours but will incur a $20 early drop off or late pick up fee.
  • We are closed on Sundays & Public Holidays, so we cannot admit or discharge any cats on those days. 

Your cat’s stay

  • Your cat will have their own ‘suite’ which includes a living area, a private ‘ensuite’ (litter tray area) and a private bedding compartment with a comfy soft bed and blanket.
  • Take a look at our main Cat BnB site for more photos and a link to our special Instagram page!
  • Our guests are fed and have their suites and litter trays cleaned and changed morning and night. We monitor and record their eating, drinking and toileting habits so if there are any problems during their stay we can bring it to the veterinarian’s attention.