Pet Hospital & Vet Clinic in Strathfield

When it comes to finding a caring friendly North Strathfield vet for your precious pet, you want a veterinary clinic Strathfield pet owners would recommend.

At Animal Tracks, we’ve spent the last fifteen years aiming to be the vet clinic Strathfield has available, based on the way in which we treat and care for our animal patients.

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We not only provide all the usual veterinary services for your pets, from routine health checks to in-house surgery, but we offer a variety of other services to ensure that your pet’s wellbeing is also taken care of.

Your local North Strathfield vet

If you’re looking for a vet near Strathfield, you’ll find that Animal Tracks offer everything for your pet under one roof.

Our team of professional veterinarians are committed to helping animals in any way they can; whether that’s making sure that they get the necessary treatments and procedures to keep them healthy, providing services to make them feel good, or offering a home-away-from-home for your cats when you can’t look after them.

It’s no wonder that when it comes to finding a caring veterinarian, Strathfield pet owners are prepared to travel the short distance to Homebush and Animal Tracks, especially as we’re open 7 days a week.

We’re the Strathfield vets who care for your pets as if they were our own

One of the reasons we’ve gained our reputation as being the kind of veterinary clinic North Strathfield pet owners love, is because we care for your pets as if they are part of our family.

Our team is headed up by two knowledgeable vets with over four decades of experience between them, and supported by a caring and enthusiastic team of veterinary nurses who provide a range of services from free dental checks to animal grooming, doggy day care and puppy preschool. All our staff love helping your pet whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, rat, mouse or guinea pig.

Whether you need advice on what to feed your pets to keep them at their optimum weight, how to toilet-train your new puppy, or whether it’s right to desex your cat, we’re happy to give you all the advice and information you need.

The animal hospital Strathfield pet owners know and trust

Conveniently located in Homebush Village right next door to Strathfield for 15 years, Animal Tracks Vet Clinic has been a pet hospital Strathfield pet owners know and trust to look after their pet’s health.

Whether your pets need a routine health check or their annual vaccinations, need microchipping or worming, a routine operation or some emergency treatment, our well-equipped veterinary practice can cope.

We offer everything to keep your pet healthy, including dentistry, plus services such as in-house radiology and pathology, all under one roof. If that wasn’t enough, our committed staff also provide puppy training, cat boarding, grooming services and kitten adoptions too.

Your Trusted Strathfield Vet

At Animal Tracks, we know that pets are more than just an animal; they are important parts of the family, cherished by all. That’s why we go above and beyond to not just give the pets in our care the best medical treatment but also to ensure that they have a kind, gentle hand to get them through medical procedures, whether they are major or minor.

We also believe that forming strong relationships with our clients is in the best interest for all the animals that come into our practice. As such, we do our best to exceed expectations with incredibly animal care, unparalleled customer service and willing advice for pet owners.

Why use Animal Tracks Vet Clinic in Strathfield?

We know that there are other pet hospitals in Strathfield, so why should you choose to bring your pet to us instead of another veterinary clinic in Strathfield? Here are just some of the factors about Animal Tracks Strathfield Veterinary Clinic that set us apart from others:

  • Our team: At Animal Tracks, we have three highly qualified veterinarians, five exceptional nurses and two organised receptionists that will ensure that your visit to us is as seamless as possible. Between our specialist vets, we have 50 years of experience in taking care of the medical aspects of your visit and our nurses ensure that your pet receives around the clock care before, during and after their procedure. Our highly motivated reception team makes sure that appointments run on time, paperwork is already sorted out and that any invoices and or insurance claims are sorted out in a pleasant and effective way. Every member of our team is incredibly passionate about animals, and we treat every creature that enters our practice like they are own fur babies.
  • A variety of services: Unlike most other Strathfield vet clinics, Animal Tracks doesn’t just offer the run of the mill medical procedures. We have a whole host of services on offer that you can use for the pet love of your life. We have everything from an in-house cat BNB and puppy schooling, to pet boarding, grooming and bathing and even help out with kitten adoptions. These run alongside our highly advanced medical services which means that you can use us whether there’s a medical emergency or you need Fido to be looked after while you go on an overseas holiday.
  • Familiarity: We honestly believe that your pet’s vet experience is much better if they know and are loved by the people that treat them. As a local Strathfield vet, we love being the local vet that people bring their pets to. We get to know clients and their pets well and this enables us to deliver the best care possible and understand the behaviours of the animals we are used to seeing.
  • Advice: We’re always open to giving our clients advice whenever they need it and on the off chance that they feel that they need anything extra to what we’ve mentioned, we’re happy to send them on to the Animal Referral Hospital for further information. We believe that a knowledgeable owner is a good owner and the more they know about their animal, the better.

Visit Your Local Animal Hospital Strathfield

If you’re looking for a vet near Strathfield then look no further than Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic. We are a local Strathfield vet clinic, but we also provide services to many of the surrounding suburbs in Sydney, which means you won’t have to travel far to get your pet the outstanding care it deserves.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about any of our services from grooming to dentistry and annual vaccines. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to start the journey to keeping your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.

Contact Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic in North Strathfield Today!

Whether you need an urgent consultation, you need to microchip your new puppy, or you simply need to update your pet’s annual vaccinations, call Animal Tracks now on 9764 6066.

Animal Tracks is the experienced & friendly Veterinary Clinic in Sydney. We serve many surrounding suburbs including Veterniary Homebush West, Veterniary Rhodes, Veterinary Burwood, Veterinary Lidcombe & Veterinary Wentworth Point, which makes it easier for pet owners to visit their nearest Veterinarian for all routine check-ups & treatments anywhere in Sydney.

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