Pet Hospital & Vet Clinic in Newington

When you have a new family member who may be furry, have four legs and a tail, you need to have specialist care and advice you can trust when it comes to medical needs.

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Animal Tracks – Newington’s Most-Loved Veterinary Clinic

Here at Animal Tracks, we have been serving the Sydney area for over 15 years, providing comfortable, secure and safe care for pets of all shapes and sizes. Todd and Catriona, our owners, have over 40 years of dedicated Veterinary experience between them – and they have created a team of animal lovers that are passionate about helping each pet that they meet.

If you are looking for the best vet in Newington, then you need to come and meet the team at Animal Tracks.

Veterinary Services at Animal Tracks

Animal Tracks are the leading vet clinic in the Sydney area. From our fully-equipped clinic in the heart of Homebush, we can deal with all manner of pet needs – from grooming to surgery, and everything in between.

  • Routine Health Screens

When your pet becomes unwell, they can sometimes deteriorate quickly. This is why we recommend yearly check-ups for your pet up until the age of 7. During these checks, we make sure that your pet is happy and comfortable – there may be a few treats involved to improve the experience – and we examine them from head to toe to tail, looking for any early signs of ailments or underlying issues. Once your pet reaches the age of seven, they become a senior – and we recommend twice yearly check-ups and blood tests to keep a closer eye on their health.

  • Vaccinations

We offer vaccinations to all cats, dogs and rabbits. Much like human babies, puppies, kittens and kits rely on the immunisation they receive from their mum’s milk in their first few weeks. As they wean, they need help to prime their immune system against several illnesses – see the vaccination page for more details.

  • Surgery

Our fully equipped surgery is available to deal with routine surgeries such as de-sexing, as well as soft tissue and dental. Of course, should anything more complicated be required, we work closely with the Animal Referral Hospital, which is only a short five-minute drive away.

  • Pathology

Sometimes a closer look at the biology of your pet is needed to help diagnose a problem or screen for underlying issues. We are lucky to have an in-house pathology department that can screen blood tests – and get results the same day. If more in-depth analysis is needed, we work with some local laboratories and use specialist couriers to transport the samples to them.

  • Dentistry

Poor dental hygiene and health can lead to several problems for your pet, so we have a range of options to help. From specialist nutrition to physical care of teeth, our dental offerings include scaling, polishing, and if necessary, extraction.

  • Radiology

Our digital x-ray system is fast, efficient and convenient. Used to look at the skeleton, it is also useful when our vets need to have a good look at the stomach and digestive system – helpful if you have a dog that likes to eat all manner of non-food items. The speed at which we receive an image through this system reduces the waiting times for results.

  • Microchipping

According to the 1998 Companion Animal Act, a cat or dog must be microchipped before it is sold or by 12 weeks, depending which comes first. Microchipping is a quick procedure that means if your pet gets lost, they can be returned to you quickly.

If you need any further information about the veterinary services in Newington, then get in contact with the team today.

Visit Our Newington Vet Today!

If you’d like to book an appointment for your pet to see the vet or access any of our wellness or other pet-related services, simply call us now on 9764 6066.

We’re based at The Crescent in Homebush, opposite Homebush Railway Station and are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Animal Tracks is the experienced & friendly Veterinary Clinic in Sydney. We serve many surrounding suburbs including Veterniary Homebush West, Veterniary Rhodes, Veterinary Burwood, Veterinary Lidcombe & Veterinary Strathfield, which makes it easier for pet owners to visit their nearest Veterinarian for all routine check-ups & treatments anywhere in Sydney.

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