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A community vet clinic in the heart of the Homebush shopping village | Providing professional, friendly veterinary care for over 20 years.

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Animal Tracks Vet Clinic

Over more than 20 years, our priority has been nurturing the special bond between you and your pet friends. Come visit us or book an appointment today!

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Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic

There’s nothing we love more than getting to know pets and their amazing owners. Starting from early age throughout your best friend’s life, we’re here to offer the very best health care and advice.

Our experienced team of veterinarian doctors and skilled nurses and staff provides consultations, puppy preschool, cat boarding, vaccinations, and surgery to pet families across Sydney and the Inner West.

That means we provide the very best professional-level care, in a friendly & comfortable environment for you and your pet.

We welcome people and pets from Homebush, Strathfield, Rhodes, Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park, Newington, Lidcombe and Burwood.

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Pet Hospital & Animal Veterinary Clinic Sydney

We know how important your pet is to you and your family and that’s what drives us to be the best Veterinary clinic and animal hospital serving Homebush and the surrounding suburbs. You’ll find that we’re much more than just a local vet orpet hospital,offering the same level of care and concern as if your pet was part of our family.

Your pet is in safe hands with our Inner West veterinary professionals

The team at Animal Tracks is headed up by Catriona and Todd, two extremely knowledgeable vets with over 40 years of combinedveterinaryexperience. Todd and Catriona have both undertaken further study and hold memberships of the ACVSc. Animal Tracks have a dedicated and caring team of veterinary nurses and receptionists who work tirelessly to ensure that every animal that comes through our doors gets the level of care they deserve. We’re always ready to answer any questions you may have on any aspect of veterinary care, or any concern with looking after your pets, from what to feed them to ensure optimum health to how to train your puppy to fit in with your family.

All the veterinary care your pets could need for every stage of their life

At Animal Tracks we understand that, just like humans, pets need different levels of care throughout their lives. That’s why we offer everything from: ·Dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, rabbit vaccinations, ·Pet dentistry and microchipping ·Dog de-sexing, cat de-sexing, puppy de-sexing, rabbit desexing ·Surgery ·Comprehensive pathology ·Radiology services. Whether you’ve just acquired a new puppy or kitten, your pet has a health problem, or you need the best care possible for your beloved aged pet, we’re here to help. We have a close relationship with the Animal Referral Hospital, just 5 minutes drive away, who offer specialist veterinary care when required.

More than just your average Homebush vet

Providing the usualvet services is not enough for the passionate team here at Animal Tracks. In addition to the usual veterinary services we also offer cat boarding, nutrition advice, our popular puppy training classes and even cat adoptions. We even offer a Doggy Day Care for those furry friends who don’t like being alone and need someone to play with!

A Vet CLinic of All Your Pet Care

Animal Tracks provide comprehensive care for your pet. We understand that you are looking for an animal hospital that treats your pet with the care and attention they need, which is why our vet clinic provides unbeatable treatment, and you can be sure that your pet is in the best hands.

Pets are part of your family; from the biggest dogs to the smallest hamsters, we care for all your domestic pets.

Why Choose Our Pet Hosptial?

Our pet hospital has a caring staff team, and everyone from your veterinarian to your vet nurse and the receptionist will ensure that your pet receives the best treatment when in our care. We want you to feel comfortable and reassured, and therefore if you have any questions while they are in our veterinary clinic, please do not hesitate to ask.

As a veterinary clinic, we can complete all your routine appointments. It is always good to know that our staff are knowledgeable and have years of combined experience with pet care and health.

We offer consultations at a time to suit you where we can check the health of your pet and treat them if necessary. Animal Tracks also has a fully equipped operating theatre on the premises where we can carry out any surgery, as required.

Furthermore, we offer routine vaccinations, which we would always recommend for your pet to ensure they remain healthy, and this can be offered to dogs, cats and rabbits.

As part of our veterinary care, we also offer pathology services and have our own laboratory where we can carry out any bloodwork. As pets cannot tell us what is wrong, bloodwork is a vital part of vet care, informing us of what is going on inside your pet.

Additionally, we offer dentistry, nutritional advice and x-ray services for pets of all sizes. With all the necessary equipment and services on-site, we can find out what is wrong with your pet and get them back on track to being healthy and happy.

Animal Tracks can also desex your pet, which means that you are not left with unwanted litters of puppies or kittens. It is also healthier for your pet unless you are planning to breed from them because it can reduce their risk of health problems in the future.

Animal Tracks Homebush Vet Hospital is here for any Pet Emergencies

And in the interests of speedy care, we insist that you call us the moment you’re worried your pet might be ill. Our Homebush vet hospital is fully equipped for soft tissue surgery, dental work, radiology, and plenty more. Whether it’s an emergency or just a concern, give us a call; you can trust us.

Book your pet’s veterinary appointment today

Animal Tracks offers a range of services in our veterinary hospital, including routine treatments that you would expect from your vet, along with others such as cat boarding and even doggy daycare.

With Animal Tracks, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is being treated as one of the family, no matter the reason for their visit.

What’s more, our pet clinic is open 7 days a week for your convenience and peace of mind knowing that we are always here should you need us.

Contact us today to book an appointment in our animal clinic or for one of the many pet services that we offer. We look forward to meeting you both.

An Inner West Vet You Can Rely on for Your Pet’s Whole Life

At Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic, we’ve made sure we’re both equipped and trained to care for your pets at every stage of their lives. We know exactly what sort of vaccinations and care your puppies, kittens, or other infant pets need when you first get them. We know how vulnerable they can be early on, which is why we always make time for our clients as soon as we can to prevent taking unnecessary risks. We can also help you prepare for your pet’s early and adolescent stages, which can be a real adventure if you don’t know what to expect! With our support, you’ll know exactly what behavioural changes and difficulties you might run into; you’ll also know which changes are perfectly normal and which ones might be a sign of health issues. And of course, every animal deserves to live its elderly time in comfort, so we’re here for you during those golden years. You can come to us twice a year for thorough check-ups to ensure your little one is doing well.

Contact Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic if You Need

Whether you need an urgent consultation, you’re welcoming a new pet into your home, or you simply need to update your pet’s annual vaccinations, get in touch with us here at Animal Tracks by calling 9764 6066. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience; from 7:30am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, and from 3:00pm to 4:00pm on Sundays. Animal Tracks is the experienced & friendly Veterinary Clinic in Sydney. We serve many surrounding suburbs including Veterniary Homebush West, Veterniary Rhodes, Veterinary Burwood, Veterinary Lidcombe & Veterinary Strathfield, which makes it easier for pet owners to visit their nearest Veterinarian for all routine check-ups & treatments anywhere in Sydney. – Read Less

Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

We advocate for your pet at every stage of their life. From their first vaccinations through to their golden years, we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients.

Our Services

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Animal Tracks Cat BnB is a fully contained cat boarding facility. Enjoy your holidays, and your cat will enjoy theirs just as much!

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Puppy preschool

Puppy Preschool

Give your puppy a head start at Animal Tracks Puppy Preschool! Alongside learning basic skills and manners, your pup will make new friends with their classmates.

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Take a tour of Animal Tracks Vet

Cat BnB

Our Onsite & fully equipped Cat Boarding Hotel

Cats LOVE staying at the Animal Tracks Cat BnB!

  • Onsite & fully contained
  • Access to immediate vet care 
  • The luxury of our own vet-designed Cat Flats 
  • Better prices so you can enjoy your holiday 

Cat owners deserve holidays… and so do their furry friends!

At the Animal Tracks Cat BnB, your purrfect friend will feel right at home under the care of our amazing boarding team. Take the stress out of organising your holidays and book an incredible boarding experience for your cat at highly competitive rates.

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Caring for your pet in the long term

Owning a pet is a wonderful decision you’ll enjoy for years and years. Ensure the best health possible for your best friend with a Thriving Pets Plus Wellness Plan!

Your Wellness Plan can help you afford regular professional care at Animal Tracks.