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Welcome to Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic in Homebush West. Located in the heart of the Homebush shopping village! For over 20 years Animal Tracks veterinary clinic has been providing quality veterinary care for pet owners and pets in the inner west through every stage of your best friends’ life to ensure their health and wellbeing is our focus.
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Pet Hospital & Vet Clinic in Homebush West

As a pet owner, you’ll know how important it is to give your pet everything they need to be happy and healthy. That’s why, here at Animal Tracks, we aim to be the experienced veterinary clinic Homebush has available, by providing service, care and concern above and beyond your average vet practice.

As an experienced Homebush vet, we offer an extensive range of veterinary services from routine health checks to in-house surgery. We also go one stage further; to give your pets a real home-away-from-home we provide, cat boarding and even Doggy Day Care.

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Providing veterinary services in Homebush for 15 years

For the last fifteen years, we’ve been providing the kind of vet services pet owners need to ensure that their precious pets stay healthy and happy. It’s the committed team at our friendly and relaxed vet clinic in Homebush that makes it all possible.

Whether it’s one of our experienced vets or nurses using their knowledge and expertise to nurse sick animals back to health or we’re simply ensuring your pets stay well by administering preventative treatments and advice on nutrition, it’s our attitude to both animals and their owners that really make us stand out as the vet Homebush village has available.


More than just routine treatments. We offer a home-away-from-home for your pets

There’s no doubt that we’ve worked hard to become the veterinarian Homebush has available.

We not only offer all the routine treatments you would expect from your local vet, but we’ve really tried to make our clinic a place that can give your pet, and you as the owner, everything you need, all under one roof.

So, while you can rely on Animal Tracks to provide routine health checks and vaccinations, microchipping, desexing and routine surgery, you can also rely on us to provide all the extras such as dentistry, in-house radiology and pathology services too.

Furthermore, our committed team offer puppy school training, cat boarding, and nutrition advice and we even rehome abandoned kittens. And, should your pet require more specialist treatment, we can refer you to the Animal Referral Hospital just a five-minute drive away.

As you can see, we really do go the extra mile to ensure that we’re the kind of animal hospital Homebush pet owners can rely on.


Looking for a Vet near Homebush West?

As a pet owner, you naturally want the best for your pet and choosing the right animal hospital that serves Homebush West is no exception.

With Animal Tracks, we provide full veterinary care in Homebush West and you can be confident that your pet is being treated with the utmost care and attention in our loving hands.


Our Homebush Vet provides a comprehensive service

Our pet hospital near Homebush West can be there for you and your pet when you need us most. Should your pet suffer from an accident or suddenly become sick, we can take care of them right here in our animal hospital in Homebush.

Your veterinarian near Homebush West will provide a full consultation to discover what is wrong with your pet. This may include taking blood, which we can analyse in our in-house laboratory, so you can be confident that you will never have to wait too long for the results. As animals cannot speak or tell us where it hurts, bloodwork is often an essential part of vet practice near Homebush West.

Your Homebush West vet can also carry out all the routine work that you would expect from a vet clinic near Homebush West, such as vaccinations. Vaccinations are an essential part of your pet’s annual health check and it can keep them safe from horrible diseases.


Pet Desexing Services in Homebush West

Animal Tracks also provide desexing services in Homebush. Desexing is often done before a cat or dog reaches six months old and we recommend that you desex your cat or dog unless you are planning to breed from them. Not only will this mean that you do not have unwanted puppies or kittens, but it is also better for the health of your dog or cat.

Along with providing all the vet services near Homebush, we also provide a range of animal services, including kitten adoptions and puppy pre-school. If you are looking for a kitten, we can help to match you up with one and you can feel happy knowing that you have provided them with a forever home.

Our puppy pre-school helps to socialise your new puppy and teaches them some basic manners and they are perfect for anyone who has got a new puppy.

Our veterinary hospital near Homebush West provides you with all the care you need for your pets and we can help to give them a long and happy life.


The Homebush Animal Hospital You Can Trust for Problems Big and Small

Not every Homebush West emergency vet is suitable for every stage of your pet’s life, and not every vet can handle both the everyday care and the intensive care. When your pet appears seriously ill, you don’t have the time to track down the right hospital by looking through half a dozen different sites. You don’t want to waste time finding the right facility when your pet is in pain or behaving oddly. And you certainly don’t want to bring your pet in for a checkup only to be told that the clinic can only handle emergency cases. Animals require a variety of different levels of care, plenty of speed when in trouble, and lots of loving, friendly staff to make sure they receive both of those in every single appointment.


Animal Tracks Vet in Homebush West – here for you and your pet

If you are looking for a vet in Homebush, Animal Tracks are here for you and your pet, providing the ultimate service in pet care.

Our veterinary clinic near Homebush West is open 7 days a week, with longer opening hours on the weekdays. Should you ever need us, we are here for you and we can provide the care and treatment that your pet needs.

Our vet in Homebush is looking forward to meeting you and your pet. Together, we can give them a healthy future and the love that they deserve. Contact us today to arrange your appointment.


Need to book an appointment in the pet hospital Homebush village has available?

If you’re looking for a vet near Homebush or all things veterinary Homebush has to offer, Animal Tracks is the vet clinic for you.

We’re located on The Crescent in Homebush right opposite Homebush Station, so call us now on 9764 6066 to book an appointment. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience: from 7:30am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, and from 3:00pm to 4:00pm on Sundays.

Animal Tracks is the experienced & friendly Veterinary Clinic in Sydney. We serve many surrounding suburbs including Veterniary Homebush West, Veterniary Rhodes, Veterinary Burwood, Veterinary Lidcombe & Veterinary Strathfield, which makes it easier for pet owners to visit their nearest Veterinarian for all routine check-ups & treatments anywhere in Sydney.

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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Animal Tracks Cat BnB is a fully contained cat boarding facility. Enjoy your holidays, and your cat will enjoy theirs just as much!

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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

We advocate for your pet at every stage of their life. From their first vaccinations through to their golden years, we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients.

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Puppy preschool

Puppy Preschool

Give your puppy a head start at Animal Tracks Puppy Preschool! Alongside learning basic skills and manners, your pup will make new friends with their classmates.

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