Animal Tracks Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a fun and exciting way to raise your puppy into a happy and confident dog! Through the use of positive training techniques, your puppy will learn discipline, general manners, basic obedience and learn to love new people, new puppies and hopefully, love the vet clinic! 

Your puppy will have four fun-filled sessions where can rumble and tumble with other puppy friends as they learn good play manners and socialization skills. They will also have one-on-one training sessions, going through topics like; sit, drop, stay/wait, recalls, walking on a lead and party tricks like High 5 and roll over. 

At the end of each puppy preschool session, you will receive updates on your puppy’s progress, homework for the coming week and lots of cute puppy photos!


  • 4 x day sessions 
  • Classes run on Wednesdays/Thursdays
  • Drop off times are between 8 – 10am and pick up times are between 3 – 5pm (drop offs and pick ups outside of these hours may incur additional fees) 
  • Consists of supervised play sessions where they learn socialization skills and play manners 
  • One-on-one training sessions where they learn basic obedience and general manners 
  • Updates and homework will be given out at the end of each session
  • $250 for the full program and payment is required to confirm enrollment
  • Puppies must be up to date with their vaccinations and parasite preventatives

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    Puppy Pre-School in Sydney, Lidcombe & Newington

    If you are looking for an excellent way to give your puppy the best start, then Puppy Pre-School in Lidcombe from Animal tracks is a great place to go.

    Here at Animal Tracks, we are dedicated to looking after pets and their humans through every stage of their lives. For over 15 years we have been serving the Sydney area from our clinic in the centre of Homebush village, providing quality care and service for your pet.

    Give your dog the best start with Animal Tracks!

    If you have a new puppy joining your family, then make sure you choose Animal Tracks for all your new family member needs – we offer whole of life care, from vaccinations to microchipping, de-sexing and dental care, and everything in between. We have a fully equipped surgery, can complete basic blood tests in-house thanks to our state-of-the-art pathology equipment, and our all-digital radiology technology offers the very best in diagnostic tools – right at the clinic.

    It is not just about medical needs though. Animal Tracks offer advice on all things pet, from nutrition to training – our fully trained Veterinary Nurses are on hand to offer you guidance on choosing the right food, demonstrations on how to clip nails safely, and we have your pet’s health and wellbeing as our main objective.

    When you first get a puppy, you need to make sure that you know exactly what to do to allow them to develop into a well-mannered, sociable and happy dog. One of the first things that you can do on this journey is to enrol your pup onto one of our Puppy Pre-School courses.

    What is Puppy Pre-School?

    The Animal Tracks Puppy Pre-School is a four-week course designed to teach you how to train your pup. Puppy Pre-School in Newington and Puppy Pre-School in Sydney are held in our clinic and led by our Veterinary Care team.

    This early education in the life of your puppy sets a great foundation for lifelong learning and helps you to guide your dog to becoming well-behaved in later life.

    During the puppy pre-school course, we welcome owners to bring their puppies and learn how to encourage basic obedience like sit, drop, stay – as well as loose-lead walking (and some tricks, too!) The method we use to help you is positive and rewarding and designed to be easy to implement outside the lessons themselves.

    The Puppy Pre-School course is an excellent opportunity to introduce your puppy to other dogs of about the same age, to encourage socialising in a controlled environment. Safe socialising is important, especially when your puppy is just learning about how the world works – and these sessions are as much about play as they are about education!

    What Do I Need to Know About Puppy Pre School?

    Puppy Pre-School sessions are held on a Thursday evening in our clinic. Puppies who are aged over seven weeks and have had (at least) their first vaccinations are welcome to attend.

    The first session is an introductory class for owners only – please do not bring your pups along. This is an opportunity for you to tour the clinic and get some invaluable information from our Veterinary team.

    Each session after that will focus on rewarding good behaviour and working towards grasping basic commands that you will find invaluable in later life.

    After the session is over, the puppies are invited to socialise and play with each other – an excellent way for them to develop and build their skills in a group environment whilst having fun.

    The course costs $250, and payment needs to be made at the first session.

    To find out more, or to book on to our next available course, please speak to a member of the team!

    The Best Puppy Pre-School in Homebush Village and Beyond!

    If you’re based in New South Wales, and have just welcomed a new, furry, four-legged friend into your life, congratulations! There’s nothing like the addition of a dog to your family: they grow and learn with you, and provide endless comfort, laughter, and joy. Your pup is sure to be your stalwart companion for years, if not decades to come. So why not set him up for success? Just like humans, puppies thrive with structure, stimulating lessons to learn, and plenty of socialisation. That’s where we at Animal Tracks Vet Clinic can help you. Our puppy pre-school is the best in Homebush Village and beyond!

    We provide a puppy pre-school in Homebush Village, easily reached from Newington, Sydney, Olympic Park, Newington, Rhodes, Wentworth Point, and Burwood. Wherever you’re based in New South Wales, our Homebush clinic is simple and convenient to reach.

    Why Choose Our Puppy Pre-School?

    We’re glad you asked! And we’re happy to provide a breakdown of how it all works. These are our updated terms, services, and conditions, which have been adjusted in light of Covid-19, to keep you and your furry friend safe!

    • As an officially enrolled member of our puppy pre-school programme, your little friend will benefit from four supervised play and socialisation sessions at the clinic during the day. This is absolutely essential to a young dog’s physical and psychological development. Playing not only keeps them fit, healthy, and active, it teaches them the social hierarchies and “manners” of the dog world, allowing them to grow up with a healthy relationship to the other dogs in their lives! This prevents dogs from becoming anxious, aggressive, or otherwise reactive in an unproductive way around other animals.
    • Your puppy will play and learn with other dogs of a similar age, and will also receive some basic training (such as the “sit”, “drop”, and “stay” commands) that will lay the foundation for their ongoing education!
    • At the end of each pre-school day, when you come to collect your puppy, we don’t just hand them off to you: we will communicate with you and explain what we have practised and learned that day, so that you can continue teaching and training your puppy at home. This means your furry friend enjoys consistency in their education, which makes both your and their lives easier in the long term!
    • We will also give you a handout, so that you have a convenient, tangible reminder of the information, tips, and updates we provide. No need to write it all down!
    • For everyone’s comfort, safety, and optimal socialisation and learning, your puppy will go through a one-week assessment period, to help us and you decide if this is the right format of puppy training and socialisation for them. But not, don’t worry! We won’t just abandon you. We work with all our families and pets to find the very best options and solutions.
    • Puppies must be dropped off before 10AM, picked up between 3PM and 5PM, and must be up to date with their vaccinations.

    We hope to meet your puppy very soon! If you’re looking for a puppy pre-school near Newington, or a puppy pre-school near Rhodes, we’ve got you covered!

    If you’d like to book an appointment for your pet to see the vet or access any of our wellness or other pet-related services, simply call us now on 9764 6066.

    We’re based at The Crescent in Homebush, opposite Homebush Railway Station and are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

    Animal Tracks is the experienced & friendly Veterinary Clinic in Sydney. We serve many surrounding suburbs including Veterniary Homebush West, Veterniary Rhodes, Veterinary Burwood, Veterinary Lidcombe & Veterinary Strathfield, which makes it easier for pet owners to visit their nearest Veterinarian for all routine check-ups & treatments anywhere in Sydney.

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