Our Vet Services

Now with a team of five fully qualified Veterinarians, enthusiastic & caring nurses, and an all-star reception team, we’re proud to offer a wide range of services to suit your pet’s needs.

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At Animal Tracks, all health checks involve a head to tail examination of your pet, plus plenty of pats (and a sneaky treat or two!)

We’re here to help you manage every aspect of your pet’s health, from a routine vaccination to behavioural and nutritional concerns.

For older pets (8 and older), we recommend half-yearly checkups and annual blood tests to get an overview of their internal organ function so that we can help you keep your pet happy and healthy through its golden years.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations protect from deadly disease. It is important that puppies and kittens are immunised at the start of their lives, and that adult pets receive regular boosters to maintain their immunity.


According to law, all cats and dogs must be microchipped by 12 weeks or before being sold or given away. Microchips also help reunite you with your best friend when they decide to go for a wander!

Visit Animal Tracks to get your new pet microchipped.

You can also visit the Pet Registry website to manage your pet’s contact details without having to submit a paper form to the council.

Pathology, Radiology, and Referrals: surgery, ophthalmology, advanced imaging

We have a fully equipped laboratory and are able to run most diagnostic tests in house so there’s less waiting for blood test results.

Our digital X-ray system helps us manipulate and process images more efficiently than with manual dark room methods.

We have a team of specialists who regularly visit the clinic. If needed, we refer patients that require advanced care to specialist hospitals like ARH, SASH, Sydney University and VSOS.

Nutritional advice

Because diet plays such an important role in your pet’s development and wellbeing, we’re happy to offer advice when it comes to selecting a suitable diet plan