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Welcome to Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic in Lidcombe. For over 20 years Animal Tracks veterinary clinic has been providing quality veterinary care for pet owners and pets in the inner west through every stage of your best friends’ life to ensure their health and wellbeing is our focus.
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Pet Hospital & Vet Clinic in Lidcombe

Having a pet enriches our lives in so many ways, and it’s only natural to want the best for your precious four-legged friend.

At Animal Tracks veterinary clinic, we aim to be the vet clinic Lidcombe has available, by offering a wide range of quality veterinarian services delivered by our dedicated team of veterinary professionals.

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The Lidcombe vet wants the best for your pets … and for owners too

If you’re looking for a local vet near Lidcombe come and see why we’re a vet Lidcombe pet owners trust with their pets. Not only will you find a friendly and caring environment in our clinic, but you’ll find a team of dedicated veterinary professionals who really care about animals and provide the very quality care available.

Our team is headed up by two extremely experienced and knowledgeable vets and supported by our helpful and caring veterinary nurses who work tirelessly to ensure that your pet gets the treatment they deserve.

It’s no wonder we’re the veterinarian Lidcombe pet owners return to time and time again, whether their pets need annual vaccinations or more urgent treatment, particularly as we don’t just look after the animals, but we make sure that their owners are happy too.


From routine treatment to more specialist veterinary services

We provide everything from routine veterinary treatments such as pet vaccinations, microchipping and health checks to desexing, pet dentistry, surgery, in-house radiology and pathology. If you’re looking for everything veterinary Lidcombe has to offer then look no further.

Our dedication to offering the best possible service in all that we do is a part of our mission to make Animal Tracks Vet Clinic the top animal hospital Lidcombe has available and the pet hospital Lidcombe pet owners prefer when it comes to ensuring the best care for their precious pets.

However, our services don’t just stop there; our enthusiastic team of pet professionals provide everything from nutrition advice to bathing and grooming services, cat boarding, puppy training classes and cat adoptions.

Furthermore, our well-equipped and friendly veterinarian clinic is just a five-minute drive from the Animal Referral Hospital so, should your pet need more specialist treatment, we can quickly refer them to the professionals there.


Vet Services for Lidcombe Pet Owners

If you are searching for an animal hospital near Lidcombe, you should look no further than Animal Tracks. We provide a full veterinary service near Lidcombe, along with other animal services that can all be found under one roof.


All services in One Veterinarian

Our Lidcombe vet team are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to treating animals. We cover everything from your routine check-ups to the more complex surgery that your pet requires. Best of all, our pet hospital near Lidcombe can do everything on-site so there are no delays or movements to cause unnecessary stress to your pet.

As a well-equipped veterinary clinic that serves Lidcombe, our facilities include a laboratory for bloodwork and an operating theatre. These are essential in our vet practice near Lidcombe because they can help to tell us what is wrong, and we have the equipment to put things right. Furthermore, if your pet has been in an accident and needs urgent surgery, we have the facilities to provide it.

Our veterinarian near Lidcombe can also provide routine consultations, which are used to not only discover what might be wrong with your pet if they appear to be reacting poorly but also as part of their routine check-ups to find out if they are in full health. Alongside this, our vet near Lidcombe can give your pet their vaccinations and annual boosters to ensure they remain healthy and do not pick up any diseases from other dogs and cats.


Our Veterinary Clinic in Lidcombe Offers Pet Desexing

Our Lidcombe vet can also carry out desexing for your pet. If you live in Lidcombe and are looking to desex your pet, the team at Animal Tracks are highly experienced in carrying out the procedure. There are many benefits to choosing to desex your pet; not only will you not have to face unwanted litter, but it can also help to make your pet calmer and happier. Additionally, it can bring health benefits to your pet and avoids them from getting problems such as tumours in their reproductive organs when they are older.

Alongside our routine vet practice, Animal Tracks have a range of services on offer, including cat boarding and doggy daycare. When you must be away from your pet, you can be confident that they are in the best care, being well looked after and loved. For full details, please see our website.


This Veterinary Clinic Near Lidcombe Only Offers the Best Care

While you might find plenty of vets in the area that boast similar facilities and services, not every vet near Lidcombe offers your pets the same seasoned care. Our two head vets boast nearly 50 years of experience between the two of them, during which they’ve seen all manner of illnesses, injuries, and odd symptoms. In other words, at Animal Tracks, we’re much more likely to quickly recognise what’s troubling your pet and how to respond. We know what medication will actually make a difference, when surgery is or isn’t necessary, and when to keep an animal overnight or longer to ensure it’s not in any serious danger. Our knowing doesn’t just save you money on unnecessary or ineffective treatments; it can save your pet a lot of suffering in the long run, and it can even save their life!


Animal Tracks: the veterinary clinic in Lidcombe

For a vet clinic near Lidcombe that can give you everything, choose Animal Tracks. With all services provided, your pet will want for nothing and you will not have to spend hours searching for the best people to look after your pet.

What’s more, we have convenient opening hours and we can be seen 7 days a week, with an early and late-night opening during the week and therefore, even if you work 9-5, we can find a time to suit you and your pet.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can answer all your queries. We look forward to working with you and your pet in the future.


Contact Our Lidcombe Veterinarians Today!

Our vet clinic is based just outside Lidcombe in Homebush, and we’re open seven days a week for your convenience.

Our opening times are 7:30am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, and from 3:00pm to 4:00pm on Sundays: all you have to do is call our friendly receptionist on 9764 6066 to book your appointment.

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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Animal Tracks Cat BnB is a fully contained cat boarding facility. Enjoy your holidays, and your cat will enjoy theirs just as much!

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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

We advocate for your pet at every stage of their life. From their first vaccinations through to their golden years, we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients.

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Puppy preschool

Puppy Preschool

Give your puppy a head start at Animal Tracks Puppy Preschool! Alongside learning basic skills and manners, your pup will make new friends with their classmates.

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