Kitten Adoptions

Many people do not realise that there is a kitten season.  Frequently, they only discover this when they try to adopt a kitten during the winter months. This is when they are few and far between.

Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth. In fact, it is really three seasons, starting in spring, peaking in late spring or early summer, and ending in autumn.  During this time, veterinarians and rescue groups across the nation are flooded with homeless litters.

Every year, sadly, hundreds of cats and kittens find themselves homeless on the streets. At Animal Tracks, we are committed to finding  as many of these strays as possible, a home.

Accordingly, we take in stray cats and kittens. In order to make it easy for these kittens to find furever homes, we rehabilitate and socialize them.

As well, all kittens adopted from us are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and treated for fleas.

We have re-homed many kittens over the years and nothing gives us greater joy than seeing these once unloved animals find loving parents and also becoming part of the Animal Tracks family for the rest of their lives!

If you are interested in a new feline companion and want to save a life, please contact us to see if we have any cats needing homes.

“Help! I’ve found a stray Kitten!”

It is important to note that while we want to find all cats a home, our clinic is not a pound and our priority goes to our medical patients. Unfortunately we may not always be able to accommodate strays. In such instances, it is best to call the RSPCA or your local pound.

Meet our past kittens!

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Margaret the Bunny

Here’s an update from Margaret’s new Owner Naomi:
“I think we saw Margie first from your facebook post but we told ourselves that we had two buns already and that was the limit… which all went out the window when we walked by and saw her. Margie was so big and beautiful and we wanted her as soon as we went inside to meet her.

I’ve honestly never met a bun like her and I think it’s mostly to do you with the time she spent with you guys, she honestly does believe she’s a dog! She’s big enough to be one too, so it’s quite strange. When we brought her home we gave her her own room, thinking she needed time and space to slowly adjust to us. Not at all! All she wanted was to jump all over us, get constant head rubs and to thunder around the house (you can always hear Margie coming!)”

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“She loves to be where the people are, and if everyone’s in bed, then she has to be too. She likes to be out in the garden, sleeping in the fireplace, renovating her cardboard castle and her ultimate treat: mango stones
She’s also been a great muse for me as an art student, definitely knows how to strike a pose :’)
We’re so glad you guys rescued her, can’t imagine life without Margie. She is the life of our house, everyone who visits thinks she’s wonderful”.


Bella had a rough start to life. She was just a kitten when she injured her leg and required extensive veterinary treatment, and to top it off, her owner refused payment and abandoned her here at the vet. However, Bella was an absolute sweetheart and won the hearts of all the staff at Animal Tracks who worked very hard to find her a new home. It was then that Cathy received a phone call from the vet telling her about a very cute little cat, who drools when she’s happy, and was in need of a new home. When Cathy came to visit Bella, she instantly fell in love with her and took her home.

Here’s an update from her new home:

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“It was the 23rd December 2014 and we received a phone call from our local vet. A cute, cuddly petite kitten was in need of a new owner. Sounds like Christmas came early for us.
When I visited the vet, I saw the kitten’s gorgeous face and fell in love. Her name was “Bella.” The only complication was that she dribbles. Irresistibly in love, I couldn’t say no and took her home right away.
Bella adapted to her new home quickly however don’t be fooled by that cute face, she became quite a daredevil, climbing trees and house rooftops. Yet, Bella was very affectionate and became a surrogate mother to our two new rescue kittens (images attached).
Bella still dribbles and a daredevil but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Secretly….she is my favourite and gets priority to sleep on the bed.


Here’s an update from Tiger’s new home:

“I am always keeping a watchful eye on Animal Tracks’ Facebook Page and then one day I spied the gorgeous face of Tiger.
Noticing that she was the last kitten not to be adopted from a litter comprising of her and her two sisters, I looked
down at my three fur-babies who were standing at my feet at the time and wondered whether there would be room for one more.
Of course there was!!!

After meeting Tiger there was no choice but to adopt. An immediate bond was forged between her, Abbey, Sophie &
Sasha. It’s like she was always meant to be part of our Family.”


“In June 2017 we brought our dog, Tia, into Animal Tracks for her annual check up. When we arrived Tia seemed a little more excited than usual and kept trying to get across to the cage in the corner. I hadn’t noticed the tiny kitten hiding in the back but she had. The kitten was a little nervous at first but then came running over to see Tia and they played a little through the cage. Tia didn’t seem to mind being bopped on the nose multiple times. It was love at first sight. A week later we took Matilda home.
Matilda is a special kitten with a wobbly head. She was found when she was only a few weeks old and it was not expected she would survive. She has become a little sister to Tia. Her favourite activities are chasing Tia, playing with Tia’s tail and eating Tia’s food…Tia likes the kitten food too!”